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  • mass unemployment
  • poverty
  • waste and duplication of resources and labour
  • militarism
  • dearth of hospitals and schools
  • central totalitarian power: bureaucracy :formation of dynastic elites :creation of class bosses
  • youth mental suffering and suicide
  • wage cuts

These are outcomes of UNTRAMELLED CAPITALIST system(In 2015 it has failed society)

  • zero unemployment
  • More co-op factories
  • fair holidays
  • fair health-services at point of demand
  • fair free schooling ;an even playing-field
  • Taking care of the environment wisely
  • allowing cheap transport
  • improving modern civilian infrastructures
  • decent pension for everyone whatever their longevity

Please watch 'pearls of wisdom' from the leader of labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn MP

a friend wrote this piece : " All but the very rich are born into crushing debt, most of our kids today are born to parents without hope. Most earn what they can just to give it all away in direct tax, VAT, late payment charges. The list is in fact endless ,and no amount of fixed figures, dodgy statistics, push polls, lies and general obfuscation can cover up the cracks any longer. The blunt truth is plain for all to see ;for those willing to open up their eyes.

The only rights most of us get right now are to work ; to pay the elite ;so they can take and squander our time, our ideas, our labour yes even the very freedom they tell us we have but they have stolen. They make sure that the poor have enough credit to put them in debt and then they tell us we can pay it up. But of course ,this never is achieved; because of interest and charges.

The examples of the thievery of the elite are way too many to list but I see published in 12/08/16: the Duke of Westminster Hugh Grosvenor has inherited a £9.9 billion fortune, got away with not paying 2.4 billion inheritance tax, and even paid, his net worth would still have been over 6 billion ,plus he own personal fortune ,of course.

Priti Patel Tory MP QUOTE...."Sanctions play an important role in getting people and supporting people back to work."... UNQOTE

She is of the most expensive MP's in Britain. When asked by Andrew Neil on the Daily Politic show, what austerity sacrifices our MP, Priti Patel had made over the past three years, she could not answer the question. Well look ye here : On top of her £126,220 (2011/12), £132,868 (2012/13), £152,470 (2013/14) in expenses accordingly ,Ms Patel has given herself and inflation busting increase of 14.3 %. Oh on top of these expenses is the enormous cost of her written questions to Parliament-very few of them related to any way to Witham constituency-but cost thousands to answer. She also employs her husband as her office manager at the House of Commons(£50,000) plus a year. He additionally gets almost 15k a year as a Bexley councillor. He claims to live in Welling in Kent. She claims to live in Witham. One of them is right.... I could list enough examples to fill a book .

There *is *enough money - from tax evasions of the elite RW - to wipe out the whole of our NHS deficit, but the RW say - no! RW would rather fine a homeless person for sleeping rough . (There is no prosthetic to fix the broken souls of the RW!) In truth we are simple slaves and fodder to this system full of *corruption*.If we don't use our vote and act as one : our dignity, our freedom our very souls will be ripped from us :- so many have become suicidal - worse ;taken their own lives ."

To wit: the sale of shares from Banks that were bailed out by public taxes; Tory G.Osborne is doing so, at knock-down prices ( to his cronies ?) without our permission , at this time in 2015.


In 2014: one in five young people experienced homelessness due to right-wing cuts are .


In the mid-70s the petro-pounds started gushing. At their mid-80s peak, oil and gas revenues were worth more than 3% of national income. According Pricewaterhouse-Coopers and John Hawksworth , had all this money been set aside and invested in ultra-safe assets it would have been worth £450bn by 2008. He admits that is a very conservative estimate:Sukhdev Johal, professor of accounting at Queen Mary University of London, thinks the total might well have been £850bn by now. - around £13,000 for everyone in Britain. Tory Public sector net investment plunged from 2.5% of GDP at the start to just 0.4% of GDP by 2000. So where did our billions go? Hawksworth writes: " the oil money enabled non-oil taxes to be kept lower." In other words: tax cuts for the rich .


Robert Reich's insight about more and more jobs being lost to smart technologies, leading to a society in which "those who create or invest in blockbuster ideas will earn unprecedented sums and returns," leaving much less for the rest of us. The solution, says Chris Hedges,,
is instituting "a nationwide public works program, to create conditions for full employment."


Tony Blair won his second general election victory in 2001, with men and young people hit hardest .The Institute for Fiscal Studies think-tank said wages were 1% lower in the third quarter of 2014 than in the same period 13 years earlier after taking inflation into account.


UK mainstream oligarchic media campaign to create an illusion of prosperity. Tories and Tory-lites have no new policy ideas. Let’s start with housing market. UK house prices may have risen 3% over the last year. The UK-wide rate is utterly meaningless, thanks to an already immense and ever expanding North/South divide. Property prices in The City of London and inside the M25 massively increase the average property price not just in England but the UK more widely. The numbers for these areas also distort the time taken the sell, cash sales, mortgage numbers and general availability. Contrary to belief the volume of actual sales has crashed by about 35 per cent in just 4 years and 40 per cent in 8 years.

Part of the problem is that the middle-aged have accumulated money in the good times. They are, quite rightly, frightened to death of ‘financial consultants’, banks, ‘advisors’ and years of treasury plundering – all of whom seem to have a license to steal hard earned, tax-paid money being saved for retirement. This savvy generation has taken matters into their own hands.15-20 per cent of all property that comes to the market is now bought by buy-to-let landlords. These landlords have an average deposit of nearly £100,000. They are banking on driving down their mortgage debt over a number of years, paid for by rent and then end up with a tidy monthly income to cover the loss from the thieves who would have stolen their pension funds in the first place. The latter part of this ruse is government policy and it helps to drive property prices ever higher.


Our communications system is at a crossroads – one path leading to an increasingly authoritarian, commercialised world, the other to a true cultural common ideal where we are nurtured as citizens and creators. The latter is highly unlikely now that the political dinosaurs have started to understand how to harness true mass manipulation and continue the democratic fraud.
Rupert Murdoch was reported by Journalist James Doleman to have inordinate undemocratic influence in the world of politicians.


GP’s triage for one or two hours each morning -The “quick-doc” scheme is also helping to take the pressure off the A&E at Manchester Royal Infirmary, . Also has collaboration with 100-hour-pharmacies.

The share of the total health budget spent on GP services fell for the third successive year in 2014-15.;despite national NHS leaders’ declared intention to expand primary-care. Tory lies. ..


How dangerous & scary is it that Burnham, Cooper & Kendall believe Putin provoked the Ukraine conflict. Thank goodness for Jeremy Corbyn .


Farnsworth calculates that direct corporate welfare costs British taxpayers just shy of £85bn a year. This, he admits, is a conservative estimate. (Add to these billions the gigantic public subsidy provided to too-big-to-fail corporate banks .Now , compare this approx £90bn TO the the megre £25bn taxpayers shelled out that year in Welfare ;i.e.: in tax credits, housing and council tax benefits to people in work but not paid enough by their employers to live on. This report has yanked into the open an £90bn subsidy that Big-business and the government would rather you didn’t know about.


Stopping people's benefits such as job seeker's allowance, known as sanctioning, is driving people to suicide. People are resorting to stealing food in order to not starve. Sanctions do not encourage people to get jobs. Sanctions are known to be given to people for extremely minor reasons such as being five minutes late for an appointment. If someone has a heart-attack or has to attend a family members' funeral and misses an appointment - they could be sanctioned and lose their benefits. False economy :If the DWP know a person is diabetic and needs insulin kept in the fridge –and they withdraw benefits so he cannot afford fridge or reliable food supply – they are answerable to corporate manslaughter surely. Austerity against the sick and poor is actually more expensive due to increased spending on health and social services – needed to cope with the ‘fallout’


According to the ‘People and Power’ survey published by The Independent on Sunday, most citizens feel they have too little say in a country that is too centralized. They think the UK voting system is unfair, its House of Lords is undemocratic and people struggle to see the benefits of Britain’s membership in the European Union. Sept 2015


For those growing up in austerity Britain, stints of unemployment are the norm. But casual-isation-; temporary, zero-hour contracts in low paid jobs
with very few rights are also common. Rather than investing in public services and creating jobs, governments and big business opted to reduce people's rights at work. Using contracts which offered employers ultimate flexibility, millions of people get up every day and wait on the end of the phone for the possibility of work. Wages stay down while rents and the cost of living seem to be constantly on the rise. Now the task turns to tackling the Tory government and the new attacks they want to heap on us. From the scrapping of housing benefit for 18-21 years old to the exclusion of under-25s from the new so called 'living wage,' the budget represents a declaration of war by the Tories on youth. It's time for a national fight back against the government.
Paying the Living Wage in the UK would not only lift six million workers out of poverty but benefit both government and businesses as well, a new report has claimed. The Living Wage is currently set at £9.15 for London and £7.85 for the rest of the UK, while the Minimum Wage stands at £6.50 for workers aged over 21 (£5.13 for those aged 18 to 20). Accountancy firm KPMG estimated that paying everyone a Living Wage would take just 1.3% of the national wage bill. What's more, universal adoption would provide a net benefit of £1.5 billion to government as well as offering clear benefit to their businesses.


Can Corbyn win back UKIP voters?This is the question I am asked most often: "If Jeremy Corbyn wins the leadership election will he win back UKIP voters?"Readers of my blog, and people inside Labour, will know how highly I value trust as a political commodity. In research carried out by Professors Will Jennings and Gerry Stoker at the University of Southampton mistrust was shown to be three times more likely to predict the likelihood of voting for UKIP than any single issue (including immigration and Europe).


The "creaking and outdated" justice system in England and Wales is failing society's poorest, Justice Secretary Michael Gove has said. The best legal provision was the preserve of the wealthy, while victims of crime are "badly" let down, he said. He is seeking a £700m investment in the courts to make better use of technology and speed up trial procedures. Mr. Gove has also indicated that he would like to "revisit" aspects of Freedom of Information (FOI) rules.


In a new study by The Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS),( ) the number of children in poverty living in a working family grew from 54% to 63% from 2009/10 and 2013/14. However the levels of absolute child poverty stayed the same.

A group of student lawyers in Bristol has overturned 95% of decisions made by the Department of Work and Pensions in relation to 200 people it deemed "fit for work".

Outraged protesters chase Tory MP out of town after he turns up to open food-bank;...
More than 100 people screamed 'shame on you' at Scottish Secretary David Mundell - who claims the rise in foodbanks isn't caused by welfare cuts . The previous Government’s austerity measures were having a knock-on impact on public health, with the number of patients discharged after being treated for malnutrition having risen 84% in the five years to 2012/13. Children forced to feed on ‘marg butties’ during school holidays . The GP food voucher scheme is a humiliation and victimisation of the poor and an insult to GP’s time and skills. The royal college of GP’s says demand for food vouchers, homelessness, unstable accommodation are all rising, i.e. the poor are getting poorer.


Starting with the abolition of Education. Maintenance Allowance, next , student loans ,demand for university being greater ; results in graduates being worse-off career-wise , now . Due to the Tories; billions are spent on wars ; yet citizens suffer austerity and graduate careers suffer . Today 1Million NEETS work for £2-25/hr in scarce apprenticeships and as a result, Trade-Unions are veering to right wing .There is a demonization of youth and the poor – and promotion of wars with racist overtones. The education ‘Prevent’ strategy is making ‘Orwellian thought police' out of teachers – even inflicted on toddlers.


Neoliberalism can be defined as : the removal of political influence from the poor by hamstringing the machinery of democracy – i.e. the poor are ignored even if they vote .


Let’s now examine Jeremy Corbyn’s own record. He opposed the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. He argued for talks with the IRA long before this became official policy. He has been ridiculed for talking to Hamas and Hezbollah. By one of the deeper ironies of modern history Tony Blair is now (as Middle East Eye recently revealed) in discussion with Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal, in which enterprise he has the backing of David Cameron. Most people would agree that on the most intractable foreign policy issues of our time Corbyn has tended to be right and the British establishment has tended to be wrong. What Corbyn does or thinks today is likely to be vindicated a few years later. Hard though it is for the British establishment to stomach, Corbyn’s foreign policy ideas have generally been more balanced and far-sighted than those of his opponents.
How the capitalist media smears and misquotes Corbyn.. ;
Conservative Party candidates are bankrolled by hedge fund donations siphoned to Westminster from lucrative tax havens including the Cayman Islands, new analysis suggests. Figures released on Thursday by the Electoral Commission detail donations received by Britain’s political parties since the general election campaign began.


2016-further info

MOMENTUM>Jeremy initiated “Momentum” to act as a vanguard in our political-spring. Jeremy is only one individual – he is not perfect – he does not have a personality “cult “, despite being one of the most decent MP’s in our parliament . Some say ;Momentum should be organising a mass campaign against the gerrymandering of McNicol and Watson. That includes court action and also demonstrations outside Labour Party headquarters and MP’s offices. The proposed national conference of Momentum must be brought forward from February to October or November. Corbyn may not be leader by February unless the Momentum organises. The present leadership of Momentum operates by way of patronage and school chumminess. We should oppose any formation of personality cult around Corbyn. He is a human being with all the frailties of a human being. He is widely admired and quite rightly so for his long period of opposition to war and Blair. His refusal to be corrupted and the fact that he was almost alone in being untainted by the expenses scandal, but he is fallible.


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The fake democracy - the inverted totalitarian state - every limb of government is operated via corporations "The World As It Is " (the above section posted during Aug/Sept-2016 by Faraz Yusufzai)

I recommend anyone to get MrDrysdales user friendly version of theory of Capital. Even the labour party does not understand the power of it- because they got rid of Clause-4 Many many thanks JD ... see -- and throw away your misconceptions and prejudices on what money is . Capitalism no future - Why capitalism has no future By revealing the origin and nature of money and thus the origin and nature of capital, ‘Capitalism No Future’ moves thought to understanding of the essence of the capitalist mode of production .| By

(the above section posted during October 2016 by Faraz Yusufzai)
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The fake democracy – the inverted totalitarian state – every limb of government is operated via corporations “The World As It Is ” below added DEC 2016 > Posted on 15-12-16 by Faraz Khan Labour party member in reply to Murray Cowell (show original)

Bernie Sanders economist (Stepanie Kelton) explains how a sovereign government pays for things. It explains how a sovereign government can pay for anything that is available for sale. All based on John Maynard Keynes, Abba Lerner, Kalechi and Wynne Godley. They are very important for all Labour Party members to study
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The biggest myths in Labour Party history: 1976 & 1983, demystified .

Labour's 1983 election campaign has long been used to say it is impossible for a leader like Jeremy Corbyn to win any election from the left. Here we dig out the truth.!/

Below added JAN 2017--- DESCRIBES how democracy has been eroded by the corporate forces >

The biggest myths in Labour Party history: 1976 & 1983, demystified .

Labour's 1983 election campaign has long been used to say it is impossible for a leader like Jeremy Corbyn to win any election from the left. Here we dig out the truth.!/

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Conservative sloganism

Her Government of ongoing crisis is fixed only by the basilisk stare of May's puffy, emotionless eyes as fangs bite into the nations jugular more strongly and stably.


World Economic Forum
April 29 at 1:45pm·

The wealth of the world's 3 richest people exceeds that of everyone in 3 countries. It is well-known in the dirty world of politics that if you throw enough mud, some of it will stick. Those on the right have always sought to discredit socialist figures, whether to distract us from their own misdemeanours or to further their own political careers. But time has shown Jeremy Corbyn to be on the right side of history. It is no accident that he won the Ghandi Foundation International Peace Award in 2013.

Counter Tory lies